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Interactive Projects, ART Works and Hardware Products developed and realized
by Han Halewijn, all volunteers and the related companies are amongst others:

'Disturbing Utopia', The Road exist by Walking Him, 'Interactive Woods', 'SwingSwong - the Singing Dance Floor', 'TeeWeeDee - Turn the World upside Down', 'Enchantress Influenza', 'Art Gedanke BatteriŽn', 'Unendless Button', 'The Tree of Lives', 'The Well of Beautifull Things', 'Vision in the Dark', 'To the best of my Memory', 'Landscape Talk', 'Concerto Grosso', 'Tagged Space', 'Fairy Sail', 'Wibble Wabble Wobble', 'Talking Trees', Leaving Traces, ARTcards, RFID UrbanNetworkSystem, The Lady with the Dog - NanoArt, The Bear Computer, Interchange Me and many others.

The by him developed RGBW LED matrix 'Light Flower' LED lamp was selected at the STRP festival 2009.

Music pieces composed by Han Halewijn are amongst others:
'L'espace sans visage', 'All we do is talking but what about humanity?', 'Changing Picture', 'Ekati - Queen of the Night', 'Rêver de Aujourd'hui', 'ANUR', 'Three times through 9 places', 'De Bronstvlucht', 'Paper Rain', 'Where the sea goes - knowbody knows', 'Sense-It', 'Return to GO', 'Call in the Land', 'Le secret départ', and 'Erakes Miose'.

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